Ohhappybear is a food and travel blog based in Bangkok, Thailand. We have been ranked as Thailand’s third-best blog by The Culture Trip, Thailand’s Great Thai Food Blogs by Travelfish.org, Feedspot, and ASEAN UP. We appeared in Hong Kong’s South China Morning PostHK Apple Daily, and Chile’s El Mercurio Domingo. Our contributions include Eater.com, The Telegraph, and Hong Kong’s Apple Daily (among others).

On home turf, we were featured in BK Magazine, Bangkok Madame, LIPS Magazine, Lifestyle Asia, Taste of Thailand Food Tour, BK Magazine, K Bank Magazine, MGR Online, Bangkok.com, Elle Magazine, 101 Holidays, Around Magazine, and Coconut TV. 

The easiest way to navigate our site is by going through the directory page, where all stories are listed alphabetically. Please also read further down if you want to support our work. Many thanks!

We do copywriting, interviews, and reviews. You can reach us via email: ohhappybear@gmail.com. Our rate card is also available. 

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