Chicken Mussamun Curry with Durian.

Durian Massaman at Chantorn Potchana in Chantaburi, Thailand

A durian by itself is already something. But in Chantaburi – as Thailand’s tropical fruit haven – they are ahead of the curb. Instead of just showcasing their abundance ‘king of fruits’ in fresh and preserved forms as much-expected, they make a good, salacious curry out of it. Chantorn Potchana ร้านจันทร โภชนา is a long-standing restaurant in Chantaburi town. This is a place where one can enjoy Chantaburi’s fruits in savoury forms. One of the most popular items on their menu is massaman curry with young durian (pictured). Massaman is a Muslim curry that we Thais adopted into our...

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