How to Make Delicious Thai-Style Garlic Pork – An Easy, Hassle-Free Recipe | วิธีทำหมูทอดกระเทียมพริกไทยที่อร่อยมากแบบครัวไม่มัน :D

An easy one-pan meal of Thai-style garlic pork with a tasty sauce. All you need is a pan and a lid to cover the pan with. Also, this is a wonderful chance to use your pestle and mortar!

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Hot, Sweet and Creamy

For those who grew up having the sweet treat of Kanom Krok as breakfast, this is a gem, although you will have to make it for a dinner treat. Old-school, three-ingredient Kanom Krok has been disappearing from the streets of Bangkok. But here is a couple perpetuating the old recipe, even when it means making everything by hands and from scratch.

โพสต์โดย Thai PBS World เมื่อ วันพุธที่ 13 พฤศจิกายน 2019

Thai Traditional Dessert of Kanom Krok | ขนมครกเชลล์ชวนชิม บ้านหม้อ

Kanom Krok is an old-school Thai dessert. Here at this place in Ban Mor of Bangkok, they still use charcoal and steel mold. So delish.

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