Phuket’s Auspicious Pudding Ang Ku Keuh – อังกู๊ ขนมเต่า ภูเก็ต

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To seriously indulge in Phuket is to sample all the delicious traditional puddings they have to offer.

As previously mentioned, Phuket folks are obsessed with foods. So much so that they made it a UNESCO City of Gastronomy since the year 2015.

Delicious, traditional recipes run deep in Phuket. At the break of dawn, fresh market in Phuket city is brimmed with all things delish and wholesome. People come here as early as they can to get the best selections from their favourite stalls.

Phuket pudding or Kanom Sod is a good part of traditional Phuket lifestyle. Like many other things in this province, these desserts are part Chinese, part Thai, with a little hint of Malay. Mostly made from rice flours, these local desserts have always been a daytime staple in this province.


Ang Koo or Kanom Tao is in a shape of tortoiseshell. In Hokkien Chinese, Ang means red and Koo means tortoise. Together, they are auspicious.

Ang Koo is made from glutinous rice flour well-kneaded and rested until soft. The filling is a delicious thick and chewy paste of mung bean.

Traditional Ang Koo requires a traditional wooden mould. The mould is unique to each maker. A personal signature of their pride and joy.

So there you have it. A cute traditional Ang Koo from Phuket. Here’s to good fortune, health and happiness to you. Have a mindful eating everyone. And until next time.

Name: Kanokwan Kattikamas

Traditional Phuket Fresh Dessert Makers

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