Phuket Old-School Tea-Time Snack – Pang Pia | ผางเปี๊ยะ ขนมภูเก็ต

This is the full transcript of the video clip.

The island of a province. The pearl of the Andaman Sea. The upper crust seaside resort. The gem of the cultures, the former mining and trading hub of the Thai South.

This is Phuket. A beautiful mixture of land and sea. Local traditions here shaped through the trading history along the Malay Peninsula. This city in the far south managed a direct connection to the international commerce long before the landline telephone was even properly built in Bangkok.

Back in 2015, Phuket’s food obsession received a world recognition. UNESCO celebrated Phuket Town as a City of Gastronomy. With their unique food culture, Phuket became the youngest city in the world to be celebrated as so.

Tea-drinking habit is strong in Phuket Town. Despite the time, locals here love their tea snacks. And they do have them in droves. Many still carrying on the traditions for their good tastes and connotations.

Pang Pia is among Phuket’s oldest recipes of traditional tea snacks. In Hokkien Chinese, Pang Pia means ‘aromatic sweet.’ Good meaning aside, Pang Pia is also healthy. With only three main ingredients comprising wheat, glucose syrup and water, Pang Pia is baked until hollow. Its light and delicate cavity is the result of the expansion of the heated syrup.

Beautifully baked Pang Pia makes a perfect bite. While the sweet one is more old school, the savoury option with toasted shallot and salt makes a satisfying snack when deep-fried.

There are so much more in Phuket than just the beautiful beaches. Although we still love to get tanned and glowing, the real and delicious food of Phuket Town is always a reason for us to go back there and feast.



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