The Blossoms of Phang-Nga, Thailand | ขนมดอกพิงงา พังงา

It is always a blessing for us to be able to roam our own country for something extraordinary. Something seen and unseen. Different lights always lend different views to even the most generic things. As it turns out, those usually overlooked are, in fact, the hidden gems.

Phang Nga can be said to be among the greenest destinations of the Thai South. Wedged between Krabi and Phuket, Phang-Nga is big on their nature. Spectacular limestone peaks are everywhere. Along with the perpetual misty vibes, the green, lush forests, and a trail of the therapeutic natural hot springs.

A sister province of Phuket, Phang-Nga owns an unadorned trace of Chinese settlements. This is a charming town awaiting your exploration.

And when it comes to snacks, Phang-Nga people put in quite some thoughts. The bites are bright and blooming. Beautiful and tasty. All homemade right here in Phang-Nga town.

Kanom Dok Ping-Nga is the name of this snack. It is inspired both by the old recipe of Chinese pastry puff, locally known as Tao Sor. The crispy texture of Kanom Dok Ping Nga is made from layered pastry, not unlike to the ones used in the making of the puff.

Local pineapple, mung bean and red bean are made into the filling of this sweet snack. The sesame on top gives the extra aromatic crunch.

Once a sea-trading hub of the Andaman coast, Phang-Nga beckons worshippers of nature. Stunning and spectacular attractions as aforementioned, this is a place one can totally wind down and look into something greater and deeper than oneself.

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