Tub Tim Krob – Thai Shaved Ice Dessert on CNN’s 50 Best

We were in Hat Yai, having a great eating spree. If you travel enough, you will know that foods in the outer parts of the capital are, in general, much better. More honest, tastier. And mostly, still, homemade and handmade which are super rare in today’s situation.

In Hat Yai, thanks to our friends, we were at this wonderful, all homemade, and yet super elaborate shaved ice dessert stall that is called ‘Ran Nam Kang Sai’ in Thai. ‘Nam Kang Sai’ means shaved ice, and usually, a stall like this serves a multitude of choices, the items that you can pick and pair together in one bowl.

Like many homemade stalls true to native Hat Yai, this place – is open and closed at the owners’ will and schedules. I will say this is the place we had the best ever shaved ice desserts in Thailand. Cannot wait to go back there and savour more.






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