Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar, Gaysorn Village, Bangkok

Above: Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar’s unique Wine Emotion Machine featuring 40 different wines that you can try by the (Riedel) glass. 

[Sponsored]Riedel – the world’s top-notch wine glass company – wants you to taste the best of your wines. Their ‘grape varietal specific stemware‘ is the unique art and science focusing on the interactive senses between the glass and the wine that was conceived by Riedel’s founders since the mid-1900s.

Riedel’s specially designed wine glasses enhance the four key sensations in each wine. Bouquet – or the intensity of wine’s aroma; Texture – the mouthfeel in wine (watery, creamy, silky, velvety); Flavours – the ba­lanced interaction between the fruit, minerality, acidity and bitter components of a wine; and Finish – a pleasant, seamless, harmonious, and long lasting aftertaste.

Above: A selection of mouth-blown decanters – some are limited editions – but all aim to make your wines taste better. All wines served at Riedel Wine Bar and Cellar in Bangkok are decanted before poured. 

  • At Riedel Wine Bar and Cellar (Riedel’s one-and-only wine bar) on 2F, Gaysorn Village in Bangkok Thailand, you can come over and taste the wines with Riedel’s finely-tuned wine-specific stemware at ease.
  • Their unique ‘Wine Emotion’ features 40 wine labels by the glass. A wonderful opportunity to have a long wine journey complete with the right glassware.
  • Decantation is a standard practice when you dine and wine at Riedel Wine Bar and Cellar. 
  • All 40 wines in the Wine Emotion change every two months. Make sure you book yourself to the night of their ‘Changing of the Guard’ where the change happens because you will get to try all the featured 40 artisan wines and all 5 ‘King of the Case.’ For more information, follow their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM here. 


Above: My favourite of Straciatella – a type of fresh buffalo-milk cheese served with a generous glug of good olive oil and toast, Bt270++. 

Being at Gaysorn Village, Riedel Wine Bar and Cellar exudes exclusivity. It is a cosy, well-groomed place with a sweeping view of the Ratchadamri Road, right in the middle of Bangkok’s business district. Come here for business lunch, early dinner bites and a couple of drinks, or hold a special event, say a birthday or any party, with good wine selection and delicious, hearty food.

Riedel’s ‘Rustic European’ menu features small plates similar to tapas, with selections ranging from oyster tower featuring fresh oysters from France. Three types (Tarbouriech Pink Diamond, David Herve Royale and Belon) for Bt2,100++. Or you can order each one by a dozen or half a dozen. Belon oyster, for half a dozen, is Bt850++; David Herve Royale Bt950++ and the Tarbouriech Pink Diamond oyster Bt1,400++. Leaning on the tidbits kind of bites are also a selection of cheeses from France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. And also ‘Huay Bong’ – a type of Tomme de Vache cheese made in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Above: A thick chunk of Black Cod (Bt890++) served on barley risotto, cabbage and creamed mussels. Delicious. 

There are also cold cuts that include all the favourites from Spanish Iberico and Jamon Serrano to Italian Coppa, Panchetta and Thailand’s Salami Laarb. Still into the cured and preserved meats include their chef’s homemade dishes featuring chicken liver pate, duck and pork rillettes, foie gras and pork terrine house-made in the kitchen.

And for those who want all the goodness to be served, look at their ‘Chef’s Assemblage‘ section where themed selections range from ‘The Siam’ with Thai tastes to The Iberia and The Italia. You might want to come over and see what these are all about. 😀

Above: A hearty serving of Fettuccine Bolognese with minced beef, pork, lamb and chicken liver, Bt390++.

If you want something hearty, I would like to recommend their all-time favourites. First, my favourite Stracciatella cheese or shredded burrata – a kind of fresh buffalo-milk cheese – (Bt270++) heartily and simply served with good olive oil and sourdough toasts.

For ragu-sauce lovers, you might want to tuck into their very hearty Fettuccine Bolognese (Bt390++) that is made from a mixture of minced beef, pork and lamb. The red wine in the sauce is pronounced, making the dish deeply delicious.

The Black Cod (Bt890++) – in a good juicy chunk and grilled to perfect juiciness – is also very delicious. It is served with creamy organic barley risotto, caramelised onion, cabbage and mussels coated with cream sauce.

Above: Get your hands dirty with their tasty Garlic Prawns with seared tiger prawns (Bt620++) with Iberico XO sauce and garlic chilli oil. 

Onto more seafood. Their delicious Garlic Prawns carry a special taste because it is served in a tasty XO sauce made from Spanish Iberico instead of the original Chinese-style Yunnan Ham, for a unique savoury aroma.

Above: Seared Hokkaido Scallops (Bt690++) with Oscsietra caviar, sautéed sugar snaps, squid ink butter sauce.

Their Seared Hokkaido Scallops are also a must-try. Two meaty Japanese scallops are seared and paired with crunchy and sweet sautéed green pea, caviar, black squid ink sauce and olive oil.

Above: Spanish Grilled Octopus (Bt690++) on barley and pickled onions and aioli. 

The Spanish Grilled Octopus will take you to a Spanish coast. Grilled for good smoky aroma, texture not too dense, and served with barley enhanced with herbal aioli sauce and pickled shallot. A great tasty combination.

Above: Riedel ‘Performance’ wine glass series feature bowls with a light optic impact. Detailed research by the RIEDEL family, aimed at improving the organoleptic wine experience, revealed that increasing the inner surface area of the glass had a positive impact on the perception of the bouquet and flavour of the wine.

Above: Terrine Chef, Bt250++, organic pork & cognac. 

Also, don’t miss their homemade ‘Terrine Chef’ – a creamy and tasty combination of pork meat, pork liver and bacon, sous-vided and served with a bright rum-raisin salad and cognac sauce.

Set lunch is available with menu’s changing per season. Wine-tasting events are regular and this is a great venue for private functions.

Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar >> 2F, Gaysorn Village, Bangkok. T: (+66) 02 656 1133. Lunch >> noon-15.00; dinner >> 17.00 – 22.30. Their website contains wine lists, menus, featured wines and Riedel glasses and decanters they carry in stock.


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