Story of Pad Thai – The Origin, The Tastes, The Cooking

As many of you might have known, has been collaborating with ThaiPBSWorld.comthe English-language news website of the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) – with stories and video clips focusing on topics, of course, of food and travel. 😀

As Thailand’s public media, Thai PBS and Thai PBS World are strictly non-commercial. And that means all our fun information that we produce aims to deliver knowledge, insights and useful tidbits of Thailand and our edible lifestyle. My first column tells the story of how I got to become a food writer. And the second one, portrayed here, depicts the history of one of Thailand’s iconic deliciousness – Pad Thai.

Ask any Thai and not a lot of them will think that Pad Thai is their go-to dish. But the overwhelming popularity of this dish propelled me to produce this debut video clip about it. And I have one interesting information to tell.

For the story and the video >>



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