Breakfast and Meals at Khu Khao, Raya Heritage, Chiang Mai | รีวิวอาหารเช้า และเมนูร้าน “คุข้าว” โรงแรมรายาเฮอริเทจ เชียงใหม่


I have heard so much about the breakfast at Raya Heritage long before our chance to stay there earlier this December (2018). The hotel has been on a soft-running basis since June or July the same year, and there are a few die-hard fans of the brand who had to be there before everybody else and report first-hand what they like most. And the verdict seems to be the big breakfast this hotel has to offer. The below slides show what we have eaten. All very delicious and so well-made. And they are only a fraction of what’s on the menu.

Breakfast is included when you book a room at Raya Heritage through their website (or anywhere else as far as I know). The breakfast – served from 7.00 – 10.30 – is a la carte, all-you-can-eat style, meaning you get to order whatever you like – from the usual suspects (eggs and all the trimmings) and savoury bowls such as boiled rice to Vietnamese style rice noodle (also in the slides above), a board of assorted cold cuts, local vegetable and herb salads, delicious fresh avocado served with a wedge of lemon, duck noodle, porridges, oatmeals, fruits, mango sticky rice, and so on and so on.

Our first morning was a blur because we were in a total rush getting ready for the day-trip to Doi Inthanon. But on the second morning, though, we found out that we could have sat there from 7.30 until the last call at 10.30 and still couldn’t eat everything they offer on the menu. This is just awesome.

Most of the ingredients this hotel uses are sourced from local organic farms. The hotel also grows their own vegetables; the patches are along the Ping River where you can have a digestive walk and take pictures.

My verdict is, take your time and enjoy their breakfast. Excellent coffees and drink list. A big plus of an incentive to stay at this hotel.

Above: Our ‘Cross-Roads’ lunch with tastes from Yunnan, Thai North, Laos, Myanmar, and Khmer. 


Khu Khao is the main restaurant at Raya Heritage, so if you are having other meals here, you will be having them all at this venue.

Khu Khao is a northern dialect meaning the traditional and very old-school rice huller – the larger-than-anything half-moon-shaped bamboo baskets that are hung on the ceiling. Now they are serving a meaningful decorative function as the lamp, but these are antique, hard-to-find, real things. It is amazing just to see and examine how intricate and beautiful the patterns of this ‘utilitarian’ baskets are.

The food menu, also, provides another highlight, because it is conceptualised from the hotel’s basis that blends the local wisdom and cultures into a new experience of eating.

Khu Khao serves – among the usual Thai central and northern and favourites – what they called a ‘Cross-Roads’ cuisine – the one that combines the migration of tastes of the people in the larger domain that we know as the ‘Lanna’ regime. That includes the tastes of Yunnan (in Southern China), Thai North, Myanmar, Laos, and Khmer. The juxtaposition of tastes, many left original as they are, many adapted to please the Thai modern palates, are what inside many dishes here.

Above: Egg noodle stir-fried with roasted duck and Yunnan ham sauce (Bt390++).

So, expect to see ‘Mohinga‘ or the Myanmar rice vermicelli on the menu, along with the Schezuan Gang Pao chicken, Thai-style Prik King stir-fry with crispy fish along with something as comfy as stir-fried mixed veggies, Pad Thai and egg noodle with duck and Yunnan ham sauce. All perfect for a new tasty experience.

Above: Yok Manee (tapioca pearls served with homemade banana ice cream, very delicious at Bt190++)

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