Stretch Me by Let’s Relax | รีวิวการนวดแบบ Stretch Me

Here is a new concept of wellbeing in Bangkok. The one that combines the clinical arts of physical therapies with the pampering arts of massage and relaxation.

Conceived at the time now that we see more and more people becoming more active, either taking on daily exercise or serious strenuous physical activities. Also, there are those with a daily suffering from long hours sitting in front of the computer, ones with the so-called ‘office syndromes.’

Using the trained expertise of physiology experts, Stretch Me offers:

Office Stretch – for office workers with office syndrome symptoms by focusing on neck, shoulder and back to ease muscle tension.

Sport Stretch – an intensive stretching program for athletes with muscle stiffness from exercise and sports. The program also helps with the
flexibility of the body.

Traveller Stretch – a stretching program for those on their legs all day, especially those on the road and in dire need for a good stretch. This program
uses hot plate to improve blood flow and increase freedom movement.

And for those looking for a full-on stretching program, their Ultimate Stretch -is designed to help with severe muscle tension problems in all the places you have problems with.

Sporty and active is the theme of ‘Stretch Me.’ This is the locker rooms in front of the service area where guest will change for a stretching outfit.

Also, instead of curtained personal space or individual rooms, Stretch Me is a big communal room with partitioned beds. The therapy is performed by train physical therapist and you will also get personal self-help stretching tips to bring back home.

Stretch Me now has 2 branches in Bangkok. Central World, T: 095 372 9986 and Icon Siam, T: 095 372 9985. Daily: 10.00 – 22.00. For news updates and promotions, visit Stretch Me.


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