Antoinette, Penhas Road, Singapore

# Singapore Cool Cafe # – Antoinette – French Patisserie with Hakka influences.

If you look at the map of Singapore, you will see the area near ‘Lavender’ street running the north eastern side off downtown. This area, as I found out, is among the oldest on this island country. But now, as any Singaporean will tell you, the area is coming back with good array of cool and hip cafes run by younger generation who revived the old industrial area with new funky interior designs, not unlike what is happening in Bangkok Chinatown.

Antoinette is a French patisserie that can be described as a pioneer of the area. Around since 2011, this place offers meticulously assembled French cakes, pastries, sweets and savouries. All are the creation of a very celebrated Singaporean pastry chef ‘Pang Kok Keong‘ who told us that all of these cakes are made by hands. No machine has been used to imitate these deliberate stokes of piping the cream yet.

Chef Pang is a Hakka Chinese, hence a strong Hakka flavours in both savouries and sweets at Antoinette.

Below: Hakka Gnocchi – with the shape of rice four gnocchi shaped into abacus beans (very traditional Hakka food) and stir-fried with dried shrimp, foie gras, cured pork and morel mushroom, S$24.

Below is another local twist: Coffee Porkchop Burger that is inspired by a local favourite: coffee pork ribs. This one, however, is topped with sunny side up fried egg and served in a porous bun.

Below: Orient cake – which is a mousse cake topped with runny salted yolk cream. A local craze.

Below: La Rose – this cake has been on my mind since before our trip to Singapore. Chef Pang told me they still do the petals by hands. Amazing. So beautiful. La Rose is a dark chocolate mousse for Chef Pang wants to convey the message that love is not all sweet, but a combination of bitterness and, of course, sourness.

The best time to visit Antoinette is early in the day when their cakes are fresh and filled the cabinet. They do have special cakes and local desserts during Chinese festivals. Apart from this French style patisserie, Chef Pang is also known for all things Hakka. You can follow his Hakka Food event at his Facebook here.

Antoinette: 30 Penhas Road, Singapore. Daily: 11.00 – 22.00. T: (+65) 629 33121. 

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