Top Views of Singapore, The Pinnacle @ Duxton | จุดชมวิว ตึก Pinnacle สิงคโปร์

Singapore, as you know, is expensive. Even locals, ones making a good living and enjoying life in the island country admitted how costly it can be for some recreational activities like going to the themed Sentosa island or enjoying tourist-packed places such as rooftops of many famous buildings. But here is a choice, the one that will give you a glimpse of the real Singaporean life and a good expansive top view of Singapore from 50th floor that rises above the old area of Chinatown.

The Pinnacle @ Duxton – a modern public housing condominium with the 50F skybridge linking all its three buildings complex – is open to public daily from 9.00 – 21.00. The fee is S$6 per person (compared to $23, 57F at the Marina Bay Sands) and you also get the expansive views of the inner city because below this building is the cluster of SG Chinatown, with its red-tile-roofed old-timer shophouses lining the curved lanes nicely contrasting the backdrop walls of Singapore’s modern high rises.

How To get there

Entrance to the rooftop is at the building’s office located on the ground floor of 1G building. You need your EZ-Link card or any Singapore Standard of Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS) to register, too. Once your card has been registered, you will need it to tap open the turnstile at the skybridge gates. Make sure you tap and push the gate immediately forward, one person at a time. Same procedure applies on the way out. If you have problem using the turnstile gate (like we did), call their hotline T: +65 8683 7760.


Walk along the skybridge that offers different city and bay-area views from its different angles. Quite a nice long walk up there for the bridge, as previously stated, links all three buildings. There are also lawns, shady corners, with reclining chairs that you can lounge around and enjoy your time. Definitely good for pictures and sunset. Since this is a private residence building, they also put a limit on public access. Only 200 visitors from outside can enjoy this Skybridge per day and just 100 public visitors at one time. Hence the aforementioned registration.

For me, this is a perfect spot to get the view and a glimpse of local Singaporean. This is, after all, a residential condo right in the Chinatown area. And unlike many other tourist-packed rooftops, this one seems to be still unknown among bucket list hunters, hence still very peaceful and not yet too crammed with selfie-sticks.

I have also previously written more stories on SG. Please see details below.

For more information about The Pinnacle Building , here is their website.


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