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Seems like I am in a mood for old stuff, especially old diners, old buildings, and old things with traces of great stories. Last post, I have written about Tampa Restaurant in Bangkok’s very old Florida Hotel, so this one, I am going to take you to Belfast’s oldest building. The one that has been built since 1680 but still standing and now housing one of the coolest bars and restaurants in the city.

Despite its compact size, Belfast is packed with so many things to see. This part of the old town is dense with old row buildings, clustered in small, narrow lanes draped with artsy and colourful murals. I might say that Belfast people are doing a fantastic job restoring these gems and turning them into glorious places to visit. And this old timber-framed building at The Dirty Onion is only one example.

The Dirty Onion is the bar and Yardbird is the restaurant that shares this historic original timber-framed building that used to be warehouse and bonded warehouse storing and manufacturing things like the famous Jameson whisky, hence the statue of Jameson Barrelman for its memory. Now, people come here for myriads of drinks, from Irish and Scottish and even Japanese whiskeys, crafted beers and my favourite thing – ales of all originalities. The Dirty Onion is a semi-outdoor bar with peat fire to keep people warm. This is such a cool place and I wish we are harder drinker, for it was the food upstairs at Yardbird that stole our attention. We climbed the stairs and we loved the place at first sight.

We were there late afternoon after a long walk that got us hungry. Since it was still lunchtime, we got ourselves a decent meal for a steal. Below is our meal>> their famous dry-rubbed chicken, BBQ ribs, coleslaw and avocado salad. I have to hand it to them. Small menu works wonder. If you want to excel in something, just do it right and don’t overdo. The ‘free-to-roam’ chicken was said to be marinated for 24 hours, pre-cooked and blast-chilled to keep the juice, then grilled on the split to serve. I love the combination of their dry rubs and lemon. So delicious. Also, BBQ ribs just fell of the bones and so tasty. Messy hands all worth it.

One thing I do like a lot while in Belfast is their vast variety of ales. And that really just got me exited. Now, we have quite a bunch of imported crafted beers in Thailand, but the prices for those glasses are very horrendous. So here, at very cheap especially comparing with the ones we might have to pay back home, are heaven for ale and crafted beers lovers. And the tastes were fantastic, fresh, fruity and full-bodied, too. With the drinks and those dishes in our late lunch, we paid perhaps less than 50 pounds. And we got to skip dinner. Good for the wallet and the waistline, too.

Like I said earlier, this part of Belfast is old, hence a great spot to see their famous murals. Draped on side facades, stretches of walls and even a small horizon space alongside the buildings are these colourful Belfast’s signature sights. Now that political conflicts are past and gone, things expressed on these murals have changed their tunes. But still, these are thoughts, expressed in what we called arts that this city is so rich of. So I hope you enjoy Belfast like we did, now that the British pounds are cheaper so you might want to make a chance to visit there.

อ่านเรื่องเที่ยวเบลฟาสต์ฉบับสรุปของเราได้ที่นี่ค่ะ Belfast: On Love, War and Food. 

And if you like arts, and want to see the local creativities expressed in other formats, nearby this area is The Mac Belfast that houses local theatres, plays, performances, music and art exhibitions. They also have a cool restaurant and cafe you can sneak in once your feet are too tired to roam on.

The Dirty Onion and Yardbird >> 3 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LA >> Lunch: noon – 17.00, Dinner: 17.00-22.00. T: 028 9024 3712 or email info@thedirtyonion.com

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