Tuang Dim Sum (ตวงติ่มซำ) Bangkok

(TH/EN) As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok isn’t the place boasting for a great dim sum. But somehow, that is exactly what we are doing. Ask me, and I can rattle off more places for great ‘touches of heart’ than any other food type. And this one that I am talking about is for both tastes and incredible prices. We were there twice, getting ourselves exploded with their magnificent food, and ended up paying less than Bt400 each time for both meals, however much we tried to stuff ourselves.

Tuang Dim Sum is a small (read ‘tiny’ with less than 40 seatings) shophouse with steaming and deep-frying stations in the front. You won’t miss it because there will always be a long queue outside. People come here as early as they could, or they send orders and messengers in to pick the tidbits up. Logistics need to be carefully arranged for people who can’t stand the hassles, yet still want to eat heartily and deliciously at/from this place.

First things first. The place opens at 7 am, (closed every Monday and Tuesday) and the earlier you can manage, the better. There’s no parking whatsoever, so my advice is either to take a bus or taxi from BTS Sathorn. Or better yet, if you are already on the Chaopraya Express Boat, get off at ‘Wat Ratchasingkorn

pier, which is the end-of-the-line pier if you are heading towards Sathorn already. And from the temple, just take a stroll north for about 10 minutes or so.

When you reach there, if there’s a queue (expect it), grab a queue and wait. There are two queues: one for seating in and another for taking out. Be mindful of which one you are.

The master chef who runs this place has a full wall adorned with his framed accolades. From what I gathered, he used to work in five-star hotels, no doubt making and mastering their dim sum stations. But from the looks of his tired face both times we were there, I am not quite sure if he is now content being his own boss. (I am sure he is). People are flocking his shop since he opens the door, it is good news for money, but he looks pretty wiped out both times.

Anyway, food is the reason we stood in line, in Bangkok’s notorious heat, and with strong patience. We loved their Sheung Fun (available with shrimp and BBQ pork) so excellent and comparable, may I say, with the ones I so loved at Lin Heung Kui of Hong Kong. The Sheung fun station is tucked away in the back of the shophouse, but I am sure they do it an old-school way for it is like munching into a soft pillow of pork lard. No less. So delicious.

We ate quite a bunch of everything and I dare say this is one of the heartiest dim sums in Bangkok of my experience. We also particularly like their BBQ pork buns, with thick and munchy dough the way I always crave because somehow today the thickness of the bun itself seems to be pushed into the second row like many other dishes that involve carbohydrates. Anyway, the buns here are fat, mouthful, and just perfect, although not with the typically considered beautiful three-cracks on top. But delicious with packed good-flavoured BBQ pork fillings.

I suspect, from what we ate, that Tuang Dim Sum is more like a real, layman-style dim sum house. A lot of pork meat, big fat pieces of everything, thick dough, and a lot of lard in the ingredients. Below is their menu, also in English, that you can peruse. Just make sure you have the patience to wait and the stomach to fill them all. 😀

Tuang Dim Sum: Charoen Krung Road (please see map and menu below). Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Open other days (Wed-Sun) 7.00 – 16.00, T: (+66) 089 603 0908.

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