Tub Tim Krob

Late last year, CNN Travel listed ‘Tub Tim Krob’ or ‘Crispy Rubies’ as one of the world’s 50 best desserts. But what is ‘Tub Tim Krob?’ Why rubies became crispy and edible in this case? This video clip finds out and helps you understand more about this refreshing bowl of chilled Thai ice dessert. #ThaiPBSWorld #TubtimKrob

โพสต์โดย Thai PBS World เมื่อ วันเสาร์ที่ 20 เมษายน 2019

Tub Tim Krob – Thai Shaved Ice Dessert on CNN’s 50 Best

Tun Tim Krob - translated as 'crispy rubies - is a type of Thai shaved ice dessert. Late last year, this icy bowl made it to CNN Travel's 50 Best Desserts around the world list. And that shifted things in terms of our attention to this refreshing and beautiful Thai food.

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1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt at Gaysorn Village, Bangkok

The 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt at Gaysorn Village in Bangkok is the world's one-and-only teahouse by Ronnefeldt. Apart from their wide selections of Ronnefeldt's premium teas, many of their delicious dishes also incorporate tea leaves that add to the depths of the tastes, making their recipes particularly unique and very interesting.

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Summertime Afternoon Tea at Peacock Alley, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

The Peacock Alley of the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok - named after the lobby-floor corridor of the original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, which opened in 1897, is a place to gather, sit and talk. Now their newly-launched Summertime Afternoon Tea makes all occasions even creamy and scrumptious. Introduced along with the Milan-born executive pastry chef Andrea Noli, this indulgence highlights the bright tastes of Thai fruits.

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49 Best Dishes to Eat in Bangkok | สุดยอดอาหารไทย 49 จานในกรุงเทพ

What to eat in Bangkok? Or, more likely, what best to eat? Where to go for the best local food? And what would be the most real, authentic, traditional original recipes of the Thai, Bangkok, local cuisines? These can be the questions of any visitors, foodie or not, heading their ways towards Bangkok. As a proud native of Bangkok (born and bred, no less), and a self-proclaimed foodie, I am here to help. :D

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50 Cheapest Michelin Meals | ร้านมิชลินที่ถูกที่สุดในโลก

Traveloka.com has recently released this article pinpointing where we can enjoy Michelin-starred meals without making too big a dent in out wallet. 😀 Michelin Guides are available in many key cities around the world, Bangkok is included. Here are the list of 50 most affordable Michelin meals you can find in Asia, Europe, the US and South America. Most of these places are gathered from their one and two stars lists. For more information...

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Singapore Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery (Hue Kee) | ขนมไหว้พระจันทร์ร้านเก่าแก่ทำมือของสิงคโปร์

# Singapore Artisanal Mooncakes at Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery (Hue Kee) # Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery (Hue Kee) is a local favourite in Singapore when it comes to handmade artisanal Cantonese style baked goods and mooncakes. They are most famous for their assorted mooncakes, but this place has always been a go-to among discerning locals looking for real authentic treats. Egg tarts, chicken cookies (my favourite), and whole...

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Antoinette, Penhas Road, Singapore

# Singapore Cool Cafe # – Antoinette – French Patisserie with Hakka influences. If you look at the map of Singapore, you will see the area near ‘Lavender’ street running the north eastern side off downtown. This area, as I found out, is among the oldest on this island country. But now, as any Singaporean will tell you, the area is coming back with good array of cool and hip cafes run by younger generation who revived the...

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Thai Lunch at Erawan Tea Room, Bangkok | รีวิวอาหาร เมนูแนะนำ เอราวัณทีรูม

When it was debuted years ago, Erawan Tea Room inadvertently set a trend that would later become the hottest one of the current time – bringing back Thai foods and desserts and make them all cool again. But now, it seems, even after years into their operation, the place is now making another statement that is equally very awesome. First, they are not serving you plastic straw now, unless you ask for one. Second, their menu features...

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