Cold, Sweet and Happens to be Vegan Noodle

Sometimes eating a bowl of noodle feels like tracing back to the beginning of the era. This specialty is served in syrup with 13 kinds of trimmings, including Siang Sim Ee, Sow Ee and Bo-gia - all with fortunate meanings. And it also takes us to the roots of Bangkok Chinatown. #ThaiPBSWorld

โพสต์โดย Thai PBS World เมื่อ วันอาทิตย์ที่ 21 กรกฎาคม 2019

Sweet, Cold Noodle of Bangkok Chinatown (Talad Noi) | เชงทึงหมี่หวาน เยาวราช

This sweet, cold noodle is a secret recipe of a family of Talad Noi - a residential cluster south of Yaowarat. And it happens to be vegan, hence a specialty exclusively available during the Chinese Vegan Festival. But now, the descendants are bringing back this comforting and cooling bowl to the visitors of the area. Yumm.

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Gaysorn Urban Resort Second Chef’s Table: 17 July 2019

Gaysorn Urban Resort - a contemporary and fully-equipped co-sharing space on 19-20 Floors of Gaysorn Tower on Ratchadamri Road in Bangkok - showcases its well-manned organizing, catering and culinary services with a night of Chef's Table of French classics and Thai contemporary arts. A great space for those looking for a private function unlike others.

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Summer in Thailand

The durian truck never missed its spot. Parked curbside on a street near our community is the truckload of Rayong’s finest that makes its annual appearance comes April. Durians at the peak of the season. A clear and aromatic sign of the Thai summer. There’s no denying about global warming. The temperature in Bangkok soared and the sun is working overtime especially this year. The ambience news is not all good, either. The heartless...

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Riedel Wine Bar & Cellar, Gaysorn Village, Bangkok

This can be Bangkok's best place for wine-tasting, Riedel Wine Bar and Cellar at Gaysorn Village features Riedel's 'grape varietal specific stemware' specifically designed to enhance wine's four key sensations: bouquet, texture, flavours and finish. Their 'Wine Emotion' machine that features 40 artisanal wines is a great place to start your wine journey with the right type of glass that can elevate your drinking experience.

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1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt at Gaysorn Village, Bangkok

The 1823 Tea Lounge by Ronnefeldt at Gaysorn Village in Bangkok is the world's one-and-only teahouse by Ronnefeldt. Apart from their wide selections of Ronnefeldt's premium teas, many of their delicious dishes also incorporate tea leaves that add to the depths of the tastes, making their recipes particularly unique and very interesting.

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