Summer in Thailand

The durian truck never missed its spot. Parked curbside on a street near our community is the truckload of Rayong’s finest that makes its annual appearance comes April. Durians at the peak of the season. A clear and aromatic sign of the Thai summer.

There’s no denying about global warming. The temperature in Bangkok soared and the sun is working overtime especially this year. The ambience news is not all good, either. The heartless bombs in Sri Lanka; the senseless mimicking effects that rippled in many places. The murder attempts plotted by 14-year-old. Etc, etc.

The comfort of your own mind comes crucial. Wherever you are, we hope your mind is at peace and you are content and happy. Happy with who you are and where you are. Happy with what you have and what you do. The weather can be cruel, but your heart doesn’t need to be.

These pictures capture what summertime is like in Thailand. Hope you enjoy the collection. 😀

You can read more about this ice cold summer rice at ThaiPBSWorld.

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Lets just do no-thing. ❤️?

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