The Peninsula Bangkok Custard Mooncake and Mariage Frères Spiced Tea (Special Edition)

Mooncake festival in Bangkok starts in July when mooncake parlours around town begin their annual rituals: sending off samples of their creations to media, launching tasting events and some, such as the Peninsula Bangkok with their iconic egg custard mooncake, making this mid-autumn festival an elaborate affair.

This year, the hotel invited the media over to their ISO-certified kitchen to experience hands-on how each and everyone of their signature mooncakes are made plus a delicious glimpse into Mei Jiang’s dim sum selections PLUS a tea-mooncake-pairing experience for this year the hotel is teaming up with the renown Mariage Frères with a special exclusive tea blend that goes perfectly not only with the Peninsula custard mooncake, but also with autumny feel of the season as well. 

Above is the kitchen experience with their dim sum master demonstrating how to make custard mooncakes. Each media also had a chance to roll and wrap and release their anger by banging the wooden mooncake mold while making their own, too.

Above and below: the demonstration of the mooncake making at the Peninsula Bangkok. 

Before egg custard mooncakes became a norm like today, mooncakes in this world consisted only of traditional fillings. Lotus seed paste, five nuts and bacon, or dried fruits, for example. But in 1986, the Peninsula Hong Kong has created the first ever egg custard mooncakes. And after a brief private premiere, the new mooncake which received a big welcome, has become the hotel chain’s signature delicacy. Each year, it is said that millions of such mooncakes are sold from the Peninsula Bangkok. The number in 2016 was three millions pieces – spanning the distance of 123 kilometres which equals 14 trips up and down the Everest. In 2017, the distance that the mooncake sales covered was 14.3 kilometres, if stacked, they would be 95 times taller than The Peninsula Bangkok building (standing 151 metres tall).

The Hong Kong born Peninsula Bangkok also follows the Cantonese auspicious practicalities. Their egg custard cakes this year is served in beautiful octagonal boxes of eight or “prosperity” and “good fortune,” making it a perfect gift for friends and families during this Mid-Autumn Festival. A box of 8 mooncakes is Bt980 net. 

Also, this year, due to their special collaboration with the tea merchant, the hotel is offering a premium pack of 8 mooncakes, octagonal box, plus 28 grammes of tea totalling 44, and 4+4 = 8 at Bt1,380 net. 

The mooncake is now available at the hotel and pop up storefront at Siam Paragon until 24 September 2018 which is the day of the mid-autumn festival. 

To make an order, please call The Peninsula Boutique on +66 (2) 020 2888, or e-mail The Peninsula’s Egg Custard Mooncakes can also be purchased online, at

Above: hand-made egg custard mooncakes at the Peninsula Bangkok is about to be baked, fresh!

Above: The special set of Peninsula egg custard mooncake with ‘Pleine Lune’ tea by Mariage Frères for Bt1,380 net. 

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