Detective Conan Cafe in Bangkok By Bake A Wish

From now until 30 September 2018, Bake a Wish at Siam Center is being transformed into Detective Conan Cafe, a licensed character cafe that the Bangkok-based Japanese style café is co-operating with Parco, making it the first overseas full-scale Detective Conan Cafe outside Japan. For more news and product updates of the Conan Cafe in Bangkok, follow their Facebook page.

Above: APTX-4869 Super Big Capsule Curry (Bt250).

Character Cafe is a pop-up, limited timed cafe based on a Japanese anime cartoon character. In Japan, there are multitude of character cafes taking turn in multiple venues most of the time. These characters are licensed, meaning one has to obtain an official license from the owners before proceeding with the operation. In this case, Bake a Wish – who is a leading Japanese cafe in Bangkok with 20 branches in major department stores – has bought the license to operate, hence being the official and sole operator for this occasion. Also, this is the first cooperation ever between the Bangkok-based café and Japan’s leading department store who is the leader of ‘THE GUEST cafe & diner’ – a character-themed café concept. Parco has been developing and operating many such cafés in 5 key cities of Japan. 

Above: Mr. Bourbon’s Spicy Seafood Pasta (served with an Amuro Postcard), Bt200. 

Being a character cafe means one changed the vibes, the decorations of the entire premises and adopted the new menu with all dishes themed after the character. In this case, Detective Conan Cafe is offering a good selection of savouries, desserts created based on Conan series. For those wishing to enjoy being a Conan fan at the comfort of their own home, there are also some colourful take-away items, sold in the special edition Conan packages.

Some of dishes are also served with special tokens. For example, the Conan postcards, coasters and water bottles, making these the collectibles for this special occasion. 

Above: Amuro sandwich, Bt180.

Above: Labyrinth Curly Fries (Something Happened?), Bt150. 

Above: Detective Conan’s Special Choux Cream Party Plate, Bt300. 

Above: Zero the Enforcer! Zero Sugar Pancake, Bt250. 

Above: Amuro 3-Face Parfait, Bt220. 

Above and below: Detective Conan Hot Latte, Bt130. Available in 6 characters. 

Above: Detective Conan Short Cake with cream cheese frosting, Bt165. 

Above: Shinichi’s favourite lemon pie (Bt160 for two pieces) take away item in special Conan box (below).

The Detective Conan Cafe will be adding more dishes into their already delicious menu for month of September. Also available are merchandise and souvenirs. 

Detective Conan Cafe (operated by Bake a Wish): G Floor, Siam Center. Daily: 10.00 – 22.00. For updates on the queue and the availability of their merchandise, please see their facebook page.

** Photo courtesy of Bake a Wish and Detective Conan Cafe Bangkok.**

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