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SUMMARY – Rossini’s at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok (BTS: Asoke) serves business lunch at Bt980++ for three courses (appetizer, main, dessert + coffee or tea). The menu features a wide range of choices, with a vegetarian option which happens to be very delicious as well. The portion is good as well as the quality of the ingredients and the presentations. The lunch also comes with their signature warm bread with three delicious dips. 

Taste: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

Appetizers: Fine dining plating, quality ingredients, tasty. Executive Chef Gaetano Palumbo from Sicily treats vegetables and meats very delicately. The soup and salad that we had were scrumptious. Salad of grilled (and juicy) portobello mushroom was served with fresh and sharp arugula leaves, shaved mature parmesan with sweet notes from balsamic reduction. The tomato soup, chilled, was light, tangy and refreshing. The beautiful vegetables (thinly sliced cucumber and fennel) added to the vibrant tastes. A bite with everything, including the fresh sweet crabmeat, was awesome. 

Mains: Love the spaghetti Rummo with tomato sauce. Simple, hearty and very Italian. Chef Gaetano uses the full-flavoured Piennolo tomatoes in his sauce along with some cherry tomatoes for texture. The buffalo ricotta was tangy and creamy. The charcoal wagyu was served lightly seared on a bed of very aromatic mashed potatoes, along with fresh arugula and grated parmesan.

Desserts – Three desserts are available and one choice is a variation of their homemade artisanal sorbet. We had the fruit salad with iced mint and basil – with all the natural fruity sweetness. A great caffeine-free perk-me-up. And for those into the intensity of chocolate, choose the dark chocolate mousse with coffee granita. Fun-looking and very chocolaty with a bit of strong coffee notes.

White Asparagus Menu Until 31 May 2018

Being a true form Italian fine-dining restaurant, Rossini’s also presents the gem of the season – white asparagus – in its special menu that will last until end of this month. Green and white and very delicious asparagus from Italy are now featured in Chef Gaetano’s creations. We did enjoy his tasty and not too heavy Italian cooking. Above is tuna marinated with alaska crab , white asparagus, green asparagus sauce, egg yolk and sorrel (Bt890++). The green sauce made of green asparagus adds to the seasonal flavours.

Below is veal tenderloin with banana prawns (succulent, full-flavoured), porcini mushroom, smoked potato garlic puree (Bt1,850++). Gorgeous and very scrumptious. The brown sauce on the dish was a type of prawn-based cream sauce. Not too heavy, very good. The combination of very silky mashed potato in this dish was also very nice.

And if you like roasted crispy pork, the above dish is slow cook suckling pig shoulder with green asparagus, rhubarb and onion (Bt1,250++). The awesomeness of this dish is the combination. Pork roasted to a perfect tender with crispy cracking and rhubarb + onion sauce made the tastes a little more special. Green and snapping and super fresh asparagus was featured on the dish. A lot of tastes, delicious.

True to form, again, below is the dessert in their asparagus menu. The asparagus ice cream made from real asparagus (puree and paired with white chocolate) adorned with dried milk foam and shaved black truffle with a drizzle of pollen on top (Bt350++). A great experience for those curious about how a chef can create dessert from ingredient usually made it into savoury options.

LOCATION + MAP + OPENING HOURS – Rossini’s at sheraton grande sukhumvit, BTS: ASOKE, 250 Sukhumvit road, bangkok. Daily lunch: noon – 14.30, dinner: 18.00 -22.30. Google Map.  T: +(66) 649-8364.

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