Antipasti Buffet by Ciao Terrazza Pop-Up, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Fans of the Grande Dame of Thailand’s ultimate luxury hotels and the beautiful Chaophraya River please take note. From now until end of rainy season (around September), The River Terrace at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is now featuring Ciao Terrazza Pop-Up by their award-winning chef Danilo Aiassa during Sunday through Wednesday nights with an antipasti buffet at Bt850++ per person. Free-flow prosecco (7 Cascine Prosecco Treviso) is also available at an additional Bt990++ per person.

At the pop-up buffet and some orders from a la carte menu at Ciao Pop-up, The River Terrace, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok.

This is not a full-blown, regular spread of buffet, but Ciao antipasti buffet features well-mixed bites typical for an Italian salad bar. On the table are a popular Italian tidbits such as bruschetta topped with grilled eggplant, Stracciatella cheese and mortadella ham, and roasted bell pepper.

Their salads include straight-on fresh greens, and hearty additions such as Tuscan-style ‘Panzanella Salad’ with chicken, bread croutons and tomatoes. Their Penne Primavera Salad features bell peppers and mozzarella cheese. A lot of people, me included, dive into their Classic Seafood Salad with tiger prawns, mussels, calamari with cherry tomato and green asparagus or Beef Carpaccio with rocket salad and parmesan cheese. On the healthy side, take a scoop or two of their Traditional Vitello Tonnato (with anchovies, tuna and cappers sauce) or Beetroot Salad with Orange and stracciatella cheese.

Also there are assorted cold cut: Coppa ham, Parma ham, salame felino and Coppa di testa and assorted Cheese: Pecorino and grana padano cheese with condiments, honey, dry figs and dry apricot. All with superbly delicious rustic breads.

My plate 😀

On the right side of the buffet is their dessert varieties with tiramisu, panna cotta (with raspberry, apricot and caramel sauces), mascarpone mousse, Sable tarte with cream and seasonal fruits, chocolate sponge cake, mini baba rum as well as hazelnut cake served with freshly whipped Zabaione sauce (egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine).

For those into Ciao’s specialties, you can even order from their a la carte menu (not included in the buffet). Danilo’s must-tries include: Focaccia with mascarpone and truffle (Bt470++) and Sword fish Sicilian style (Bt890++)

The River Terrace with Ciao Pop-Up from Sunday – Wednesday nights.

And by having this pop-up, The Riverside Terrace is now featuring two kinds of dinner buffets each week. Half week (Sundays through Wednesdays) is Ciao Pop-Up, but for those missing their signature sumptuous BBQ buffet, you can choose to come over on Thursday – Saturday nights when the full-blown buffet with barbecue as the highlights is available for Bt2,350++ per person.

The Mandarin oriental bangkok,  48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok Thailand. For reservation: T: +66 (2) 659 9000 ext. 7390

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